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Really missing home right now. See you soon Stockholm, Sweden. cymx

This city is wonderful:)

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In North America, from a young age we learn not to stare. Our parents tell us it is rude. Culturally it is understood to be aggressive. (If you were alone and someone, or a group of people were staring at you, how would you react?)

In Sweden people stare. They stare at you like you came from the bottom of the sea. I know I’m not the first mixed woman they’ve seen, so I’m starting to think this is just a cultural thing. Because literally everyone stares.

But when I first got here a few weeks ago, I didn’t know this.

So I was alone, it was dusk and Iw as walking by a park. All of a sudden I notice this group of people staring at me. I had the biggest mini heart attack EVER. My immediate reaction was “Look down and go faster. Don’t stop, get ready for it.” I thought I was going to get jumped for sure.

Lo and behold I forgot that I vas in Sweden and people here are actually very friendly, and not very aggressive.